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   We're so glad you've joined us and are hopeful you will enjoy what our church has to offer.

   In Psalm 103:5, it says that God "who satisfies your years with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle." This means we can live out our days with joy and enthusiasm, health, strength and vitality. That's our desire for you because it's God's desire for you at every age and in every stage of life!

   Please know that we love you and pray for you every day. We want to see you strengthened and renewed as you put your trust in Him. We declare a special blessing over you today and look forward to seeing you at a service this week!


Pastor Bean & The CFC Family

Join us on April 5th at 10:00 am as we celebrate the reason for our hope -- Christ's Resurrection!

Easter Sunday

This week I will be posting a short devotional regarding the cross. These devotionals are from a series of sermons I just concluded leading up to Palm Sunday and the Passion Week.


Why is the Cross Offensive?


For a Christian, the first step to God begins with the cross. (I Cor. 1:17) From there a believer identifies with the work of Christ on the cross for their daily walk of salvation. The cross becomes a lifestyle.


For those perishing the cross is foolishness. (I Cor. 1:18-19) The reason for this is because the present world system in which we live projects that unless one is smarter, more beautiful and stronger they are not normal. (v. 26)


The demands of culture are in direct contrast to the cross. They see the cross and those that adhere to all it stands for as being foolish, weak and less than worthy. (v.27) But when one accepts the work of Christ on the Cross and walk to the other side of it, they soon realize God’s wisdom in choosing them as his Child for eternity. (v.30)


We are born with an instinct to survive. The mechanism for survival is found in our labors. In every area of life we strive to achieve. We work hard for education, relationships, business, livelihood, recreation and religion. Yes, even at religion people feel good about creating a means of earning eternal favor with God.


But the cross is the only means of pleasing God for eternal life. All required works for salvation were nailed to the cross and we simply accept Christ and what He did there. (Col. 2:14) The cross without any works of our own is the only way. God accepts me both at salvation and afterwards. For some this is offensive, but for those being saved it is glory.

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I Cor. 1:17-31

Col. 2:14





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